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Love lives on in Forever Furbabies®

Forever Furbabies®

Losing a furbaby is like losing a family member. The grief is undeniable, the hole they leave is gaping. No more walks and shared moments. No more cuddling and sleeping with them tight to your chest.

Let us help find the perfect memorial for your loved one. Preserve their memory by creating the perfect keepsake, encasing the ashes of your furbaby.

Each teddy bear is individually hand sewn with love, using the highest quality imported mohair, wool and alpaca furs. Personalised with embroidered name on the foot paw and a photo on the chest.

Bespoke cuddly urns designed in the colouring and characteristics of your lost loved one.

Recent made Forever Furbabies®

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In Loving Memory RIP

When one of my best friends was diagnosed with cancer 18 months ago, we were all devastated. I created this business when I wanted something I could do bedside. I figured I could sew bears while keeping him company for the many months before his death.

Chriss was my inspiration to expand on what I had done for Bear and Dre, my beloved cat and dog that had passed the year before.

He encouraged me to try and help others grieving by creating a personalised teddy bear urn so they could hold them close again.

Chriss insisted I make him a bear and place his ashes inside. He was to be placed in prime position in the house to observe all that was going on.


Milo ashes were reincarnated into a Forever Furbabie where love lives on xx

Mac’s forever furbabies keepsake ashes

Fleur made the best bear for myself to put the ashes of my best friend into. Exceptional work, I like my bear the best!

My godmother passed away 18 months ago, she had a cherished fluffy blanket and I made this into a bear so i could remember her smell.

my mum was diagnosed as terminally ill and wanted me to make her a bear that she could approve of prior, for her ashes to be placed inside. I was to make one for dad and one for myself. My dad chose the colours for his, I’m yet to make mine as mum is still with us.

Gidget’s Movie to play

Thank you so much!!! It was wonderful to be able to hug my little girl again ❤️ xxx



They did an amazing job! Coco immortalised in foreverfurbabie


Rating : 5
I was delighted with the size of Delilah. I could cuddle her all night 
Rating : 5

Fleur did an amazing job, so happy with my Oscar bear 💕💕

Rating : 4