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Milo ashes were reincarnated into a Forever Furbabie where love lives on xx

Mac’s forever furbabies keepsake ashes


Fleur made the best bear for myself to put the ashes of my best friend into. Exceptional work, I like my bear the best!

My godmother passed away 18 months ago, she had a cherished fluffy blanket and I made this into a bear so i could remember her smell.

my mum was diagnosed as terminally ill and wanted me to make her a bear that she could approve of prior, for her ashes to be placed inside. I was to make one for dad and one for myself. My dad chose the colours for his, I’m yet to make mine as mum is still with us.

Gidget’s Movie to play

Thank you so much!!! It was wonderful to be able to hug my little girl again ❤️ xxx



They did an amazing job! Coco immortalised in foreverfurbabie


I was delighted with the size of Delilah. I could cuddle her all night