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Forever Furbabies came about when my beloved cat and my dog both died in my arms a month apart from each other at 15 years old. I was absolutely crushed with grief and my loss.

We decided against burying them in the backyard and had them both cremated. Sadly, the only options were a cold urn or a fancy box. That wasn’t going to cut if for me, Bear my (cat) and Dre my (dog) had slept with me every night for most of their lives.

That’s when the idea of hand making teddy bears and placing their ashes inside materialised. At the time I wasn’t fussed about making them look like Bear and Dre, I just wanted hold them again. They sit on my bed now just like they did in life.

Since then I have fine tuned my skills and designs and am able to create the most beautiful personalised bears holding the ashes of your furbaby.

I hope to provide comfort to those who have lost a cherished furry member of their family. A Forever Furbabie may also suit those who already have an urn or box at home that they would like upgraded to a soft and cuddly bear resembling their Furbabie.

I place the name on the foot and a photo of the pet on the chest of the bear.