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Thank you so much for your enquiry.

No two bears are alike – they are Not Your Average Bear.

Order a bespoke teddy bear URN here, your bear is very much individually assessed.
The bears used on my product page are samples of my work but ultimately  the length of time and degree of difficulty determines the price. 

Please send me 5 x photos of your beloved Forever Furbabies® from all angles. 

Describe any personal characteristics including eye and fur colour. I can then access the uniqueness and hence length of time to make your bear.

Generally speaking my designer Forever Furbabies® range

from $250-$600 each, plus postage. 

Multiple colour bears can take several weeks to make.

If you would like your bear to be an urn please post or drop off the ashes to me. They will be secured safely inside the bear.

Please indicate which photo you would like on the chest and colour of embroidery for the name on the paw.

Please click if you wish to discuss help with your order we work closely with you to ensure your furbaby meets your requirements allowing you to connect and heal

Your  Forever Furbabies® will be a keepsake you can hold close to your heart, so go to the product and add the category to the cart for payment options or   

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    NOTE: max file size is 5mb | .jpg & .png